Why this site is necessary.

There’s so much bs out there, so many predators, so many idiots, so many lies, so much distortion, from Obama’s election to Madoff’s pleonecticism, that the world needs a touchstone we can use to find truth, honesty and charity… to help us bore through the layers of bs out there. This website will be that touchstone until something better comes along.

I’m no Ann Landers, Miss Manners, Billy Graham, or John Wayne, but I do have a pretty good bs detector. If you’re not sure yours is working, let me know what’s bothering you, and I’ll give you my opinion. It doesn’t take a genius. Remember, in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king. Right now I’m the only one-eye I know, unless Rick Duiker’s still alive. And I have mixed emotions about that.


In addition to the truth, we’ll also be posting a number of other items — songs, poetry, essays, whatever. I’ll also have a jumble of other stuff — thoroughbred handicapping, marketing campaigns for sale… whatever comes up that seems publishable.

So choose a category and get started. Comment if you like. And come back every once in a while; there might be something new.